Anna-Lena Sauer’s work is not based on concrete ideas or sketches. 

Instead the composition is an integral part of the creative process itself. Ideas arise out of the application of multiple layers and removals of paint or fabric. 

When working, the artist likes to allow and give in to uncertainty. Hence, acting – which can be described as a play with paint and fabric and their infinite potentialities – is predominantly intuitive.

In her work Sauer uses fabric as a substitute for paint and paint, due to its haptic use, becomes more and more a material rather than a medium.

Her visual language is influenced by ad hoc forms and impressions of nature and environment.

As a result her work often oscillates between the abstract and a vague sense of representation. 

The perception of Anna-Lena Sauer’s art happens in a multidimensional way. It is an active and engaging process. Viewing can take place again and again anew.